Why choose Heap360 for your event?

Large scale event management can be a difficult, but with Heap360 it has never been this easy!

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Events in focus

Everything in Heap360 has been designed with event management in mind. Insights and best-practices has been gathered by cooperating with some of the frontrunners of the event management business. Having a hundred users or thousands makes no difference, it is just as simple, fast and easy.

Easy to use

Having thousands of users using your system for what might only be a weekend it is paramount that it is easy to use. Heap360 is just that! The design is minimalistic, fast and very intutive - this guarantees productive users from the get-go.

Customization at the core

No two events are alike and that is why Heap360 provides powerful tools for customization. Custom domain-names, custom design, custom user data fields just to name a few of the possibilites!


These are just some of the features Heap360 provides.

Manage thousands of employees

Designed with big event management in mind; thousands of users are easily managed and distributed across teams and areas with Heap360. Empower your employees by giving them powerful management capabilities!

Messaging system

Send private messages to all users. Batch-messaging also provided for easy managenemt.

Business intelligence

Use a default dashboard or customize your own to gain a good overview of the state of your event - easy and effective!

Time management

Assign users to teams and create duty rosters either manually or automatically.

Only pay for what you use

Are there some features of Heap360 you don't need? Then you don't have to pay for it - simple and easy! We help you select the modules you need for your event.

Accreditation and guestlists

Manage your event accreditation or delegate the task to invited parties through mail - fast and simple.

Customize users' roles

Who can access what? This is easily controlled by creating roles for your users and granting them custom access rights to parts of your event.

File storage

Make files easily accesible for your users with Heap360's own file archive.

Full support

Need workshops, telephone support or guidance through Skype? No problem, we provide a wide range of support options to ensure that you are a 100% confident in using our product.

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How can Heap360 help you?

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Effective management

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Simple to use and customize

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